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We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to Gleaners Community Food Bank. Learn more about how your gifts have made an impact.

Arika, children's camp director in Detroit

Arika directs a local summer kids camp in Detroit. Through her work, she encounters many children in need.

"Many kids don't have breakfast. They come in hungry. They may not eat food on a regular basis," said Arika.

"A lot of people are ashamed to say they don't have food. We'll find out they don't have food at home. Or they only eat cereal or they never have hot food or they eat at the Coney Island. Here, we sit with the children and eat with them. Some have allergies and they can't eat this or that. Gleaners provides us with fresh fruits and vegetables that all our kids can eat."

Partnering with an organization like Gleaners has allowed Arika and her team to positively impact hundreds of area kids.

"At home, we sit at the table together. I've always loved this. Growing up, I sat down to dinner with my mom and dad. We want to bring that to the children here. We sit with them and have conversations. They're free. It's not just the food, but a way to connect. We try to spread the love and help them have good memories."

Tanya from Detroit

Tanya lives in Detroit, has eight children (five of whom are adopted) and two grandchildren. Tanya works but still needs help with food. Currently, there are six adults and her two grandchildren in the home.

The assistance provided by Gleaners programs has impacted Tanya in more ways than one.

"Getting this food has taught me how to use my brain to make a meal. I don't pick out the foods, so I have to cook based on what I receive."

She also enjoys receiving the recipes and creating new food experiences for her and her family.

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